Emakina wins four W3 Awards

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 — Emakina once again wins four awards for its creative and groundbreaking projects. This time the American Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts gave Emakina's Brussels based team two awards for video productions, as well as Innovation and Social Media prizes. The W3 Awards recorded thousands of entries of Interactive agencies, designers and video makers from all over the world.

Emakina’s videoteam wins two Silver W3's

The first W3 award goes to the colorful clips for the Belgian TV station  RTFB’s music entertainment program 'The Voice'. Three videos combined images of the competition's jury members with lively animation symbolising the power of an amazing voice.

In addition, the #Act4Work online videos made for the Brussel Region employment office Actiris was honoured. Local rapper V.I.K and talented street artist Steve Locatelli starred in the campaign, which already won many prizes in 2016.

Online and Social

Emakina also won silver in the Innovation category, with the groundbreaking My Way Black Emailing campaign. This project featured a world premiere in the use of Google DoubleClick. Using cookies, parents received fully personalised banners with fun threats from their child, to inspire them to buy them the car they so desperately needed.

Last but not least, Emakina's Facebook team was crowned for BIC Lighters in the  Social media category. 'Bicalize your World' associated notable events and society news to Bic's iconic lighters. The fun puns and tailor made visuals for the dedicated Facebook page scored excellent results, and ignited online response like wildfire.

To be continued...


Lighters with a soul


The Voice Belgique - Duel teaser

Luc Malcorps