Emakina.BE welcomes strategic digital consultant Miel Van Opstal

Senior business transformation expert joins Emakina.BE’s strategic team

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 — Miel Van Opstal, senior innovation and marketing facilitator and top keynote speaker, joins Emakina.BE’s strategic team. This seasoned information architecture analyst and digital transformation expert has an impressive track record as an inspiring communicator. He took centre stage as technology evangelist for Microsoft EMEA, organised ‘Marketing cruises’, clocked over 5,000 hours of public speaking, and helps out at TEDxFlanders Youth.

Merging his technological background as a Consumer Technology Evangelist for Microsoft EMEA with the insights and experience cumulated during his years as a business and strategy consultant, he builds bridges between technology, marketing, production and execution.

He implemented the digital change management for Colruyt Group Corporate Marketing. His recent missions include improving the digital customer experience and platform architecture for Royal Antwerp Football Club and redesigning the digital strategy and consumer journey for Toerisme Vlaanderen.

Miel is also an enthusiastic and entertaining lecturer at colleges, international business schools and universities. He teaches about android contextual digital marketing strategies, behavioural audience targeting, psychographic consumer profiling, and AI, one of his pet topics.

The right mindset

Miel Van Opstal comments: ‘I found the right mindset at Emakina. It really matches my enthusiasm and vision. Like the strategic team here, I love to sharpen clients’ information architecture and boost the customer experience and conversion journeys.
At Emakina I will be able to effectively leverage consumer insights, to drive user engagement and improve monetization for products and sites.'


Luc Malcorps

Director of Media Relations